The Benefits Of Content Curation For SEO

Content curation involves researching the vast source of information available on the web and then presenting it in a meaningful manner. The basic idea behind it is to provide content in a way that is easy to understand and provokes the interest of the readers. Being one of the most popular content marketing strategies today, content curation is extremely beneficial from the aspect of lead generation for your business.

Besides catching the attention of users, content curation is a SEO technique rewarded by most search engines. Providing valuable content to your audiences can play a major role in improving your website’s rankings in SERPs. Given here are some of the benefits that you can have by incorporating content curation into your SEO campaign:

  • Increase Inbound Links: As readers and other industry experts develop interest in your posts, they will look up to you as a credible source of information. They may also share links to your article through their social media profiles. In addition, the sources from where you have curated your article may also link back in future posts.
  • Generate Social Signals: It is a known fact that social sharing is an important factor in determining the ranking of your content in search engines. Creating unique content is commendable, but the topic may not always seem interesting to the audiences. With content curation, you research the most trending topics on the internet and present them with your own insights. This increases the exclusivity of any article altogether and you may get thousands of likes or re-tweets, thus, elevating your search engine rankings.
  • Optimize For Short-Tail Keywords: The content you publish for any viral topic will automatically include the phrases popular in your industry. The presence of those keywords at relevant phrases throughout your article will help to increase your ranking.
  • Optimize For Long-Tail Keywords: Content curation will provide you with ample chances to include long-tail key phrases, that are most searched on the web, in your article. Organizing relevant pieces of information into a single informative post will help you drive targeted traffic to your website.
  • Increase Update Frequency: With content curation, you can create a post quicker as you do not have to spend time understanding the original article. This will increase the frequency with which your social accounts will be updated and subsequently, indexed by search engines.

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