SEO And Instagram: How To Maximize Your Impact

The popularity of Instagram has increased by leaps and bounds in the recent years. More than 50 million photos are shared on Instagram every day, which makes it an important visual medium for brands to connect with their audiences. In order to make the most out of its features, you need to include it in your overall SEO strategy.

Here’s how you can use Instagram to increase brand awareness and improve your organic search rankings.

Complete Your Brand Profile

It is important to complete the ‘Bio’ section so that the users can get all the relevant information about your business. Add a profile photo, preferably your company’s logo, and provide a link to your website. Try to keep your business name as the user name, so that a corresponding search on the internet directs people to your Instagram account. Also, create a catchy and unique description to highlight the USP of your business.

Switch To Business Profile

Switching to a business profile can improve your visibility on Instagram and allow followers to easily reach you through phone, text or email. You can also get access to Instagram Insights, which provides information about the demographics and browsing habits of your followers and how they are engaging with your posts.

Personify Your Brand Through Images

Instagram offers you an opportunity to interact with the potential customers and showcase your products/services to them. Hence, you need to be creative to cast a long lasting impression on the followers’ minds. Post high quality photos and videos of your product, company, employees etc. to develop a positive connection. You can also create Instagram stories comprising of artwork, fan contests, behind-the-scenes and other interesting stuff to engage your followers.

Manage The Frequency Of Your Posts

Just like other social networking platforms, you should manage the post frequency on Instagram as well. Sharing too many images or videos can overwhelm your followers and compel them to simply ignore your posts. To avoid this, you should create a posting schedule. This will not only help you save time, but also make your brand noticeable amongst the followers.

Use Relevant Hashtags

If you use relevant hashtags, it would make it easier for the users to find your posts. Make sure you include hashtags judiciously, approximately 4 to 5, without compromising the understandability of the post. You can either use the hashtags that are already trending on Instagram or create the ones that are relevant to your brand, products or services.

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