Tips To Optimize Landing Page For Search Engines

Landing pages can significantly increase your business’ conversion rate, particularly if they are created to advertize an upcoming product launch or a time specific promotional event. However, a well-designed landing page involves a lot more than an attractive layout and impressive content. It should be properly optimized to be able to rank high in search engine result pages, generate quality leads or funnel visitors towards making a purchase.

Here are some tips to optimize your landing page for the search engine bots:

Identify your keywords

Before optimizing your landing page, you should identify the exact keywords that you want to target. Make a list of the words or phrases that are relevant to your page and are searched by most users. Long tail keywords generally deliver better results than short tail keywords. For example, if you own a Chinese restaurant in Atlanta, GA, keywords like, ‘Chinese Restaurants Atlanta GA’ and ‘Best Chinese Food In Atlanta’ will be more easy to rank for than simply ‘Chinese Restaurant’.

Create catchy and relevant title tag

Title tag is an important element that helps the search engines to know what your page is all about. Hence, you should insert your main keywords at the beginning of the title tag and the others after that. Make sure you do not exceed the 65 to 70 characters limit or it would not show up completely in the search results. Include the keywords in the landing page’s meta description as well.

Match content with the query

The content of the landing page should be in line with the targeted search phrases. For example, of your keywords include terms like ‘how to’ or ‘top 10’, then you should provide content that delivers the relevant answer. Though visitors on a landing page are not looking for lengthy content, the visual layout should confirm relevance with the intent of the page.

Strategically Place Call-To-Actions

A clearly visible call-to-action button should be placed on the landing page to guide the users towards the desired move. If the user finds it difficult to locate the option to ‘Sign up’, ‘Request A Quote’, ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Contact Us’, he may leave the website. A high bounce rate will, in turn, have a negative impact on your landing page’s search engine ranking. To avoid this, place all the call-to-actions above the fold or in a prominent location on the page.

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