SEO Best Practices For Ecommerce Product Pages

When it comes to ecommerce website optimization, product pages play a crucial role in determining the overall success of your online venture. Besides making these web pages user-friendly and perfectly organized, you also need to ensure that they are designed to rank well in search engine result pages to drive maximum conversions.

Given below are some useful tips to optimize product pages in your ecommerce website:

Choose Correct Title Tags And Meta Descriptions

When creating title tag for the product page, make sure you include long tail keywords that people are most likely to search. For instance, an electronic appliance’s title should comprise of manufacturer’s name, product type, color etc. Using highly specific product titles will increase the chances that the page will be found for the most relevant searches. The meta descriptions should be catchy with a strong call to action to compel users to click on the link. You can also add rich snippets in the meta description to show additional product information such as price, reviews and images in the Google results.

Include Keywords In The URL

Make sure that the product page URLs are simple, straightforward as well as easy to understand, both by the users and search engine bots. Include the target keywords in the URL so that the search engines understand what the web page is designed to sell. The keywords will also be displayed in bold in the SERPs, increasing the chances that people will click on the link.

Incorporate Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the best way to keep your product pages updated with fresh and unique content, an attribute which is highly rewarded by Google. Reviews not only provide users with first-hand analysis of the products, but also improve the ranking of the web page.  They also help to optimize your product page by repeated and judicious mentions of the long tail keywords.

Optimize Product Images

The quality of your product images also influence the likelihood of achieving a conversion. Make sure you provide as many images as you can, while optimizing them efficiently so that the page load time is not increased. Insert keywords in the image alt tags so that they are crawled by the search engines as well as show up in relevant image-based searches.

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