How Video Marketing Yields Immediate SEO Results

Though there has been a lot of conjecture about the most efficient means to promote a business online, the importance of video marketing can certainly not be overlooked. The massive online traffic received by YouTube everyday validates the proficiency of videos in communicating your brand message to a broader demographic group. It not only helps you spread the word about your business, but also attracts quality leads and a higher conversion rate.

Discussed below are some of the ways in which video marketing yields immediate SEO results:

Videos increase engagement

It’s a fact that online users have a short attention span. Therefore, you need to convey your message right away in the most persuasive manner. The click through rate for a video is much higher as compared to a lengthy article. The more time people spend on a web page is an indicative of the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand. This, in turn, gives a boost to your website’s rankings in search engine result pages.

Videos are more readily shared

Owing to the precise and relevant content presented in a video, it has a higher potential for being shared across multiple platforms. When viewers find a video to be interesting and useful, they share it with other people in their social networks. This increases the number of inbound links received by your brand and improves your business‘ online presence.

Videos are easily ranked in search engines

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo index videos much faster than text based content. Moreover, popular video sharing portals, like YouTube, are crawled more frequently than other websites. Posting regular promotional videos ensures maximum visibility for the most relevant keyword searches. Rich video snippets displayed in Google search results also entice visitors to click on the link.

Videos are mobile friendly

More than half of the video searches are carried out through mobile devices. Users can get detailed information about your products/services at any point of time. Also, most online shoppers view the video of a product before purchasing it online. Therefore, by sharing videos, you are automatically reinforcing the customers’ buying cycle.

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