SEO Trends To Prepare For In 2017

The search engine optimization (SEO) industry is always evolving and businesses need to keep up with the current trends in order to stay a step ahead of the competition. The constant Google algorithm updates require altering your SEO and content strategy to maintain a consistent high ranking in the search engine result pages.

Read on to know what you can expect for SEO in 2017:

More Focus On User Interface

Google has always favored websites that focus on improving user experience and it is expected to continue in 2017 as well. A well-structured website will increase the visitors’ time spent on page, thereby lowering the overall bounce rate. Mobile searches will continue to gain dominance. Therefore, you need to make sure that your website is appropriately optimized for small screen devices. A responsive design, fast load time and organized layout will enhance user experience.

Prepare For Voice Search

Google voice search is also impacting the way keywords are used for SEO. Long tail keywords are being replaced with the casual and shorter ones. Creating more personalized content with a conversational tone will help to improve visibility in voice based searches. Also, location based data in a web page should be made readable so that it gets displayed in voice activated search.

The Rise Of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) project was launched by Google in February, 2016 which focuses on creating better and user-friendlier websites. It allows webmasters to make the web pages load faster and consume less bandwidth. Google has already begun to favor websites that have opted for AMP, by displaying a small icon under the search result. The trend is expected to continue in 2017, with more preference being given to AMP compatible websites.

Optimizing For Featured Answers And Rich Snippets

A featured answer or rich snippet is the result displayed in a separate block at the top of the SERPs. When a user searches for something on Google, for example ‘how to optimize your website’, it will display the most relevant result in rich snippet along with the link to the page from where the information was extracted. Adding structured data markup to your website can help to get it featured in the rich snippet listing, which significantly increases your potential to attract targeted traffic.

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