Twitter Advertizing

As a marketer, you are bound to be on the constant lookout for potential clients and customers, and ways of reaching out to them effectively. The use of online tools to market products and services is not an exactly new phenomenon; many advertizers have been leveraging these to promote their business. In this context, the use of social networking giant Twitter is quite significant. Read on to know the various features and tools offered by Twitter for effective advertizing of business products.

One of the first features that works with Twitter advertizing is interest targeting. As a marketer, this feature helps you to reach out to a new set of followers that share the same interests as your current followers. Once this new set of people is identified, you can raise engagement campaigns for them and garner great returns on your business. An interest-based graph is used to achieve this objective.

Twitter provides marketers with the option of having promoted accounts. Through these, you can effectively build an online community of people who can promote and influence your business. Over a period of time, promoted accounts help you to create a large base of followers with whom you can interact. Engage them through a variety of campaigns and spread the word about your business.

With Twitter, you can also use the feature called ‘promoted tweets’. Though they are similar to regular tweets in terms of the content and feel that they carry, they come with the bonus feature of reaching out to both current and potential followers that your business targets.

You can also get mass exposure for your business through the use of Twitter trends. This is a feature that primarily focuses on current topics that are running across the globe. Since these have visibility next to a user’s timeline, you can gain immediate attention of the masses if any happening related to your business is visible in Twitter Trends.

Pricing is another factor that works well for marketers when it comes to using promoted accounts on Twitter. There are no charges for any organic activity that you carry out on your account. You will be charged only in situations where people reply, follow, or retweet your business promotion tweets.

Twitter advertizing also comes with a comprehensive set of analytics that can help in gauging the customer interest better. You can also get to know if there are any shortcomings in your ad campaigns, and accordingly rework for better results.



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