Ways To Make Your Google Search Result Stand Out

Getting your website listed among the first few Google search results is quite an achievement. However, in order to attract maximum traffic, it is important for your listing to stand out from the rest. Google algorithms have undergone major changes in the past few years, which have pushed down the organic results in the favor of ads, images, videos and local searches. Therefore, you need to put in some efforts to make sure that the users will click on your website URL instead of others.

Listed below are some ways to make your Google search result stand out:

Create Unique And Relevant Title Tags

Make sure your website’s title tags are unique, catchy and relevant to the content of the specific page. It can be of approximately 55 to 60 characters but not more than that or they will not show up in the search results. Include all your targeted keywords and locations served in the beginning of the title tag.

Write Compelling Meta Descriptions

Though a keyword optimized meta description does not hold much significance in determining your website’s ranking, it affects the likelihood of the users clicking on your URL. If the description clearly outlines the type of products or services provided and locations served by your company, there are higher chances that they will visit your website for more information. You must neither keep the description too short nor too long. It should ideally range between 140 and 160 characters.

Leverage Rich Snippets

Rich snippets can be extremely beneficial to draw users’ attention instantly. These are a type of HTML microdata that are crawled by the search engine bots to provide more relevant information to the users. When you implement rich snippets, your search results will also show other important details about your business, such as star ratings, reviews, products, location, phone number, video content etc. Having all these elements in your search result will automatically make it easily noticeable by the users.

Get Sitelinks

Sitelinks refer to the links of the internal pages displayed underneath your primary website URL. These are included in the search results only if Google considers them to be helpful for the users. To increase your chances of getting sitelinks, make sure you remove any broken links from your website, create informative content, keep the navigation simple, eliminate HTML and CSS errors as well as attract quality backlinks.

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