How To Use Support Pages To Boost SEO

Support pages offer a great opportunity to boost the ranking of a website in major search engines. These web pages provide answers to the users’ questions. This is what search engines are looking for, a website that provides informative and useful content to the visitors.  If your website has a support section, FAQ page or community forum, you must focus on optimizing these pages in order to boost the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

Following are some tips that can help to capitalize on your website’s support pages:

  • Improve User Experience: The main purpose of the support pages is to help users easily find the information they are looking for. Therefore, they should have a clear navigation menu with properly separated categories and sub categories. The content should be relevant and easy to understand by the users.
  • Include Meta Tags And Descriptions: A well-crafted meta tag is as essential for a support section as any other web page. A lot of business owners focus on optimizing title and descriptions for their website’s home page and other important pages. However, support pages, with appropriate meta tags and descriptions, can play an equally important role in driving traffic.
  • Internal Linking: Support pages provide an added advantage of increasing conversions while answering the questions and doubts of the users. For instance, while giving information about a particular product or service, you can provide a link to the relevant page to encourage the users to know more about it.
  • Use Of Keywords: Be sure to use keywords judiciously throughout the content. As far as possible, try to include long tail keywords target users looking for some specific sort of information. Organize your support pages’ content by providing keyword specific categories so that the users do not have to go through information they do not need. If possible, you can also add a search console to make it easy for the users to find the desired information.
  • Make It Accessible: A well-optimized support page would not serve any purpose if it is not easily visible to the users. Make sure you provide it as a separate category in your main navigation menu. Conversely, you can also add a link to the support page in your website’s footer.

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