Parallax Scrolling And SEO – What You Need To Know

Parallax scrolling is the latest web design technique that has induced a lot of deliberation in the online world. Although websites with a parallax design offer an interactive visual content that helps to keep the users engaged, their single page format often seems to be problematic when it comes to SEO. Here are some of the issues that you need to delve into before choosing a parallax website for your online venture:

  • Increased Loading Time: Parallax scrolling websites have an increased loading time. The design involves adding a lot of animated visual content, such as images, text as well as videos, into one page. This increases the page weight which makes it quite slow to load, thus, losing traffic and search engine ranking.
  • Browser Incompatibility: It is highly possible that a parallax website might not work well on all the web browsers. Creative elements that look amazing on Firefox may appear misaligned on Chrome. You may need to carry out an extensive testing to make sure that your website functions properly in all the browsers.
  • Not Mobile Friendly: With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, having a website that is not mobile friendly can probably be detrimental for your SEO. Parallax websites are usually not responsive and appear to be bloated on small screen devices.
  • Problematic Analytics: Parallax scrolling can also pose a major problem when it comes to evaluating user engagement for the website. Google Analytics utilizes a Javascript tracking code to calculate which content is attracting the maximum traffic. This can be quite difficult when the website has just a single page.
  • Multiple H1 Headers: Piling up all the keywords in a single web page heading can be confusing for both the users and search engine crawlers. You also lose the potential to include metadata, target specific keyword on different pages and provide informative content to your visitors.

Tips To Handle Parallax Scrolling And SEO Together

Regardless of the effects of parallax scrolling on SEO, there are certain operational tips that can help to make both of them work in a synchronized manner. Firstly, make sure you use internal linking for separate sections of your parallax website. Another option is to divide your home page into multiple web pages. This will allow you to have multiple URLs while still creating the Parallax effect. You will have different URLs which can be easily optimized for targeted keywords. You can also start a blog and post unique as well as relevant content to attract more visitors.

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