SEO Best Practices To Double Ecommerce Sales And Conversions

A lot of online retailers think that simply listing thousands of branded and quality products in their website is enough to attract targeted traffic. However, proper optimization of an ecommerce website is essential to increase customer base and maximize sales. With so many product pages constantly shuffling on and off the site, SEO for ecommerce websites can be quite challenging.

Here are some tips that can help online business owners increase their website conversion rates:

  • Deal with out of stock products: Do not hide, delete or replace the web pages for products that are not currently available. Let the users know that the specific item has been sold out and will be available soon. Provide them with an option to get informed whenever the product is back in stock. Use 301 redirects for product pages that have expired or become obsolete. You can also offer relevant products through sidebar or widget to retain the users’ interest.
  • Manage SEO for new products: Every single product page added to your ecommerce website should be optimized according to the best SEO practices. Neat layout, informative product description, relevant internal linking as well as appropriate title tags will ensure that Google bots are able to crawl and index your website. You can also alter the theme of your website in a way that newer products always appear on the top to catch the attention of the visitors.
  • Refrain from duplicate content: Google gives a lot of importance to original and unique content while ranking a website. Copying product descriptions from the manufacturer’s website can negatively affect your website’s SEO. User-generated content in the form of reviews can boost your sales conversion. A higher number of positive reviews will compel the prospective buyers to trust the quality of products on your website.
  • Sort out product category pages: Besides the home page, correctly optimized product category pages can get you the maximum exposure in SERPs. These are individual landing pages and should have relevant and unique content to attract users. The URL structure should be simple and in accordance with SEO standards. The categories and sub categories should be appropriately sorted so that the users are easily able to find what they are looking for.

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