Optimizing Your Small Business Website For Google

If you own a small business, you need to improve your website’s presence in Google search results to make sure you reach out to the maximum user base. A majority of people visit a business’ website before buying its products or services. Therefore, having a well optimized website is necessary to improve your business’ digital footprint and attract targeted search engine traffic.

Here are some tips to optimize your small business website for Google:

  • Use Internal Linking: Internal links in your website can help you to improve ranking for more than one keyword. This will let your website visitors know more about your products or services and search engines can also gauge the significance of the linked pages.
  • Check Loading Time: The average time that your website takes to load determines if a visitor will stay or bounce back. Ideally, your website’s loading time should not be more than 8 to 10 seconds. Therefore, avoid using large sized images, videos and graphics as these can slow down your website.
  • Maintain Right Keyword Density: You should not stuff your website with keywords. Include the relevant keywords in each web page’s title tag and metadescription. Maintain an optimal keyword density throughout the website without affecting the quality and readability of the content.
  • Be Mobile Friendly: With more than half of the local searches carried out from a mobile device, having a responsive website is the need of the hour. All the elements of your website including header, footer, images, content and navigation should be optimized to be viewed properly in tablets and smartphones.
  • Tweak Title Tags And Meta Descriptions: Your website’s title tags should include your company’s name, cities you serve and information relevant to the specific page. The meta descriptions should also provide a brief explanation about the contents of the web page.
  • Provide Informative Content: Google awards a high rank to websites that provide unique and informative content to the visitors. When you create lengthy and useful blog posts with an optimal use of keywords, you are more likely to receive quality backlinks. You can also allow your users to share content through social media platforms for more exposure.

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