Ways To Use Pinterest To Boost SEO

Pinterest has become one of the most popular social networking sites, owing to its unique layout and focus on visual content. When used in the right way, Pinterest can give a major boost to your SEO campaign and help to improve brand awareness, increase followers and attract targeted traffic to your website.

Here are some tips to use Pinterest for the success of your website’s SEO:

  • Optimize Your Profile: Make sure you complete your profile on Pinterest. Enter your correct business name and description. Optimize the ‘About’ section with the proper use of keywords to make it easy to be indexed by the search engines.
  • Create More Backlinks: As Pinterest provides an increased exposure to your posted content, it also increases the potential for generating more backlinks. Each time a user pins or shares your posts with a link to your blog posts or product page, you receive a backlink. However, you should make sure that you link your posts to relevant pages. Having more and quality backlinks will eventually increase your website’s online presence.
  • Share Unique Content: Just like other social networking platforms, the biggest benefit of Pinterest in terms of internet marketing is the ability to share fresh and unique content. Posting high quality images with catchy captions will compel people to pin the content so that even more people can view it.
  • Target Keywords: You should frequently, yet judiciously, use the targeted keywords in your posts’ descriptions so that the audiences are easily able to find the content they are searching for. This will not only increase your website traffic but also boost the ranking of your Pinterest page.
  • Optimize Images: When you add images to Pinterest, make sure you save it with a relevant name or preferably keyword. In addition to the web page, search engines also crawl images while allocating a rank to your website. So, you should use correct ALT text and descriptions for all your images.
  • Verify Your Page: When you verify your account on Pinterest, it gives users a confirmation that it is a legitimate profile. You can include a link to your domain name in your profile, thereby, increasing referral traffic and search engine rankings. After account verification, you will also be able to track user engagement and pattern of pins through Pinterest’s analytics tool.

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