Link Building Tips For Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce is essentially different from other business websites as the goal here is not just to increase traffic but generate sales. Having an effective SEO strategy in place is important to make sure your website is visible to the potential customers. In addition to improving search engine ranking, you need to build credibility for your business, which can be done by link building. Increasing the number of inbound links from quality and relevant sources also makes it easier for your website to be indexed and ranked better by the search engines.

Read on to know some proven link building strategies for ecommerce businesses:

  • Create A Blog: Including a blog in your website can be a great way to attract quality links. However, you should make sure the content that you post is informative, interesting and is not written with a sales approach. Find topics that are relevant to your business and products offered as well as can be useful for the customers. This will compel them to like, comment and share your posts through various mediums, thus increasing back links.
  • Focus On Relevance: The websites from where you generate links should be credible and relevant to your type of business. For instance, if you own an online fashion store, links from a restaurant’s blog may not be a perfect fit. The links you receive should be from the same industry as yours in order to maintain the relevance of the content being linked.
  • Business Listings: Create your business profile on reliable websites such as Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, Super Pages etc. This will make it easier for the search engine bots to index your website and improve its visibility in the result pages. However, make sure that you list your business on a website specific to your industry.
  • Customer Reviews: Product reviews and customer testimonials are also an effective way to generate authentic and quality links. You can invite your customers to submit their experiences of using your products. It not only helps to build customer trust but also gives a valuable contextual link to your website.
  • Host A Contest: Contests offer great link building opportunity for ecommerce businesses. You can ask your social media followers to like your page, share a post or buy a product from your website to be eligible to win something interesting. Create unique posts to cater the needs of a specific group of audience and increase the popularity of your contest.

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