Mobile SEO Best Practices

With a majority of online searches being carried out through smartphones and tablets, mobile SEO has become important to ensure a seamless user experience. It involves optimizing different aspects of the website so that it can be easily accessed on a small screen device, making sure that your business does not lose out on potential customers.

Here are some mobile SEO best practices that every business owner should follow:

  • Responsive Design: Having a mobile friendly website is critical to allow the users to easily view the contents of the website. The web page should be able to fit in to the device’s screen size. The navigation menu, contact details and key products/services should also be strategically placed above the fold. Avoid using Flash plug-in as flash is not compatible with most of the mobile browsers.
  • Optimize Titles And Meta Descriptions: Due to the small screen size of mobile devices, you need to create brief meta tags and descriptions that can be aptly displayed in Google search results. They should consist your main keywords and clearly depict the context of your website.
  • Test Page Load Speed: It is important to check if your website is quick to load. A website with a load time of more than 5-6 seconds is likely to experience a high bounce rate. Make sure all images, videos and JavaScript elements are properly optimized for mobile devices. Eliminate ads and unnecessary pop-ups as they may also slow down your website.
  • Mobile Sitemaps: Create a separate XML sitemap for your mobile website and submit it to Google Webmasters. With this, you will able to detect any issues that may prevent Google bots from indexing your website.
  • Focus On Local Searches: More than half of the mobile searches are carried out to search for a nearby business or service. So, make sure that you have a well-optimized listing on Google My Business, giving out all the important details like address, working hours, contact details, key services etc. You should also include call to actions on your website to attract the users and convert them into customers.
  • Optimize Content: The content on a mobile website should be concise, informative and engaging for the users. You should include your keywords and targeted locations judiciously throughout the content to improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

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